About us

BeeGeeTees is a small family business. Our manufacturing facility is nicked-named “The Imagination Creation Station” and we specialize in designing and making gift items for every occasion.

BeeGeeTees began in March of 2012 as a spin-off from our original business, a college textbook store.  The bookstore began in 2007 because of our experience taking our son to college and discovering the lovely cost of college textbooks.  We decided to open a t-shirt store next to our bookstore because every college student loves t-shirts!      
We became pretty good at designing and printing t-shirts.  Then one day, we started printing on pillow cases, aprons, towels, hats, hoodies, koozies, coasters, mouse pads and just about anything a customer requested.  We decided that making unique gifts might be an avenue worth pursuing.  It fit nicely into our retail backgrounds.
So off we went, focusing on creating and making things for folks with a sense of humor and love in their heart.  It quickly became apparent that we were connecting with people on many different levels.  One of our first designs included our mitten paw cat “Nitro” upside down on the kitchen table.  Another design was a Harry Potter reference and the next, a funny saying from a movie.     
BeeGeeTees actually started in Bowling Green, OH (as if you couldn’t guess by the name).  No, we didn’t name the company after the famous singing group.  We recently moved to a larger facility very close to our home.  Being close to home has its pros and cons. On the pro side, our morning work commute is really short, and the dress code is always casual.  On the con side …there are no cons!
Once we set up shop for BeeGeeTees we gradually expanded our product line. You can now find us on various other marketplaces “on the line”.  We love making friends and gathering fans and followers. So, should you feel inclined as to click on one of those social media buttons, we'd love to welcome you aboard.  Even if you don't find something right now, we hope we can at least give you a chuckle or a smile.  If you lol, that’s ok too!
Thank you for stopping by and looking through our funny, charming, sometimes unintentionally offensive and unique gifts.  By the way, do you know how to catch a unique rabbit?  Unique up on it!   Ahahahaha!   Keep one thing in mind - we're a real live small business, not a huge chain store who imports container loads of cheap trinkets, and we're not making sooooo much money that we decided to spend the extra cash on a Lamborghini (thank goodness for spell checker).  We hand make everything we sell, and we take a lot of pride in making you happy.  We appreciate you and your business!
We love love, life, liberty, and animals, especially felines.  A portion of your sale will help provide homeless animals with vaccinations, spaying/neutering and care in general.  We are the purveyors of "MANY FUNS" because “Life is made up of Funs!  How many Funs did you have today?”